2012 - 2013 YEAR IN REVIEW

The FRIENDS began the 2012-13 year with quite a few new members serving on the Board.  We said goodbye and thanks to many who actively participated in the revival of the FRIENDS group in late 2009. Fortunately they were available for training and continued to volunteer in significant ways!  Our special thanks to Sharon Richardson who served as Past President and Advisor to the Board this year, to Sherri Appleton who continued her work on pricing specials and selling on eBay, to Adaora Schmiedl who gave technical assistance and to John Jarvey who continues to co-chair the basement sorting operation.

Our major focus this year was on highlighting the Harvey & FRIENDS Bookshop and building sales.  To that end, we created a new logo for the shop, added signage throughout the Library, built the First Friday sales into an anticipated event and consolidated all book selling into the shop.  Our May Mega Sale was also held upstairs, in and around the bookshop.

New efficiencies have been incorporated into the book sorting process and into the financial reporting procedure.  And, in an effort to bring the Code of Regulations, Policies and Procedures in line with how we are now operating, the FRIENDS Handbook has been revised and amended. 

In 2012-13 the FRIENDS awarded one scholarship to Sarah Iammarino for Library School. We also hosted or participated in the following events:

  • Debate Watch Parties at Nighttown in October
  • African American Read-In in February
  • Cleveland International Film Festival in March
  • Reaching Heights Spelling Bee in April
  • Membership Gathering at the Wine Spot in April
  • HCC Home and Garden Tour in September
  • New Resident Welcome in October

This year volunteers gave 4,430 hours of their time to the FRIENDS.  This is an amazing number!  We are proud to have 347 members of this organization and thank each one of you for your contributions that sustain and support our five-star Library.


Louisa Oliver, President

FRIENDS are glad to support an award winning library system.
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