The FRIENDS of the Heights Libraries is an all-volunteer organization whose mission is to promote interest in, and appreciation and use of the Heights Libraries. Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in the Heights Libraries.

The FRIENDS raise money to support its mission through the sale of used books and audio-visual materials as well as through memberships, donations and special events.  The 2013-14 Budget anticipates total income of $39,770 and expenses and grants to the library totaling $36,515. We typically grant $25,000-$30,000 to the Library each year.

In 2012-13, the FRIENDS granted $30,945 to the library for the following uses:

         2012-13 Library Usage                                                        $

 Director’s Discretionary Fund  
 Library Programs
 Scholarships for students in Library Science    
 Levy Promotion  Fund annual set aside 
 Spelling Bee Team Entrance Fee  500
 Seed funding for the Fund for the Future of Heights Libraries
 Special Project: theBook Bike
 Technology for librarians to use with public   


·        Sponsor programs and activities for all ages

·        Raise funds to support Library programs

·        Fund scholarships for future librarians

·        Advocate on behalf of the Library to government and the general public

FRIENDS receive exclusive benefits:

·        The FRIENDS newsletter

·        Admission to FRIENDS-only book sale previews

·        FREE Invitation to the Final Dress Rehearsal of plays at the Dobama Theatre

·        Discounts at the Harvey & FRIENDS Bookshop and special book sales

·        Discounts at local independent bookstores and merchants:

            Appletree Books

            Mac's Books

            Loganberry Books

FRIENDS Revised and Amended Code of Regulations - 2015

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FRIENDS are glad to support an award winning library system.
Visit http://www.heightslibrary.org/ for mind opening programming and fun!

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