On October 18, 2015, at 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm the FRIENDS Annual Meeting occurred.


      Linda Lopez, Vice President

      Nancy Levin, Director, Heights Libraries

Business Meeting:  Louisa Oliver, President

      Recognition of current and retiring Trustees

      Introduction and Vote on New Trustees

      Vote on Revised and Amended Code of Regulations

        Year in Review: Linda Lopez, Incoming President


Program: The Indigenous People’s Read-In

Part of the On the Same Page initiative, co-sponsored with the Heights Libraries, celebrating the works and voices of Indigenous Peoples.

The Helen Sunshine Memorial Award

for Outstanding Volunteer Service

1984      Anne J. Cook and William R. Cook, Jr.

1985      Walter Cleaveland

1986      Sharon Richardson

1991      Thomas Flechtner

1992      Carren Nembhard

1994      Mary Lee Scriven

2012      Sherri Appleton and Adaora N. Schmiedl

FRIENDS of the Heights Libraries

Board of Trustees


2014-15                                                  2015-16

Louisa Oliver                    President                        Linda Lopez

Linda Lopez                   Vice President                   Vivian Pospisil

Nancy Corey &             Co-Secretaries                     TBD

Jan Jones                           

Margaret Poutasse          Treasurer                          Susan Ford

Susan Ford                 Asst. Treasurer

                                 Past President/ Advisor     Louisa Oliver 

2014-15        Board Members              2015-16

Bruce Feher                                                     Carole Camillo

Ketti Finneran                                                  Bruce Feher

Susan Goldfarb                                                Ketti Finneran

Elise Kuklinca                                                   Sue Janssen

Vivian Pospisil                                                  Jan Jones

Lamar Richardson                                             Sarojini Rao

Russ Rucky                                                      Laura Rayburn

Cindy Seaman                                                 Lamar Richardson

Barbara Walker                                                Russ Rucky

                                                                      Cindy Seaman

                                                                      Barbara Walker


Louisa Oliver, President

FRIENDS are glad to support an award winning library system.
Visit http://www.heightslibrary.org/ for mind opening programming and fun!

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