2014 - 2015 YEAR IN REVIEW
Louisa Oliver, President

It’s been another active and results-oriented year for the FRIENDS!  Our two Mega Sales broke earning records and First Friday, branch and Teacher/Parent sales drew strong participation.  But we did a lot more than selling books.

This year the FRIENDS awarded $3,750 in scholarship grants to Peggy Hull, Angelina Bair and James Porter toward their library school tuition. We voted this year to increase semester scholarships to $750 each and expanded our grants to include the summer session.

This spring, art teachers and students from Heights High created a decorative wall on the eastern wall of Harvey & FRIENDS bookshop.  The amazing three dimensional mural depicts the Cleveland skyline, the city of Cleveland Heights and the Heights Libraries.  We are very appreciative of their donated skill and labor.  Funding for the materials for this project came from the Rachel Nelson Art Fund, maintained by the FRIENDS.  Combined with new shelving, the bookshop is looking great.

 We also hosted or participated in the following events:

  • African American Read-In in February
  • Cleveland International Film Festival in March
  • Favorite Poem Project in April
  • Reaching Heights Spelling Bee in April
  • New Resident Welcomes in June and October
  • Heights High sponsored Flea Market at Monticello in June
  • HCC Home and Garden Tour in September
  • The Indigenous People’s Read-In in October
  • The Lee Road Candy Crawl in October
  • Membership Gathering at Dobama in December

Last November we supported the successful passage of the levy that continues critical public support for our five star Heights Libraries. 

This year volunteers gave 4,359 hours of their time to the FRIENDS.  This is an amazing number!  We are proud to have 363 members of this organization and thank each one of you for your contributions that sustain and support our five-star Library.

FY 14-15 Friends Financial Summary

Margaret Poutasse, Treasurer and Susan Ford, Asst. Treasurer


                                                            Budgeted          Actual

Total Earned Income                               $31,240           $36,215

            Total Booksale Income                  24,190             32,886

            Other Earned Income*                    7,050               3,329

Total Contributed Income                            7,000               9,455

Total Income:                                      $38,240           $45,670


Total Expenses:                                     10,974               9,272

Total Grants:                                          26,500**         26,509

Surplus:                                                      766              9,889


* includes sales of merchandise, member events and interest

** grants to the Library in FY 14-15 included support for general programming, staff support, levy expenses, and special projects such as early literacy programs, benches at Noble, and the wall mural in the children’s room at Coventry. 

FRIENDS are glad to support an award winning library system.
Visit http://www.heightslibrary.org/ for mind opening programming and fun!

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