2013 - 2014 YEAR IN REVIEW

The FRIENDS continued its work on the Harvey and FRIENDS Bookshop.  We purchased new display racks for the mass market paperbacks, re-installed a self-serve payment box and, with the help of the library’s custodians, enclosed most of the east wall of the shop.  Bruce Feher, Board Member, built a display wall on the exterior of that side for which we will be seeking proposals for a mural.  Our monthly First Friday Sales continued to be successful and eagerly anticipated by a core group of loyal shoppers!  And we held two very profitable Mega Sales in and around the Bookshop, in November and again in May.

We held four branch book sales over the summer.  The FRIENDS also shared books with many non-profits for free, including the Men’s Shelter, HealthSpan at Severance, the Mentor Senior Center, Hopewell, resident facility for adults with mental illness, various Little Free Libraries, the West Side Women's Shelter, The CH-UH Public Schools for the summer reading program, and the Thea Bowman Center in Cleveland’s Mt. Pleasant neighborhood. 

Thanks to our tech-savvy Board Member Russ Rucky, the FRIENDS website was updated to reflect our current operations.  With an up-to-date calendar on the home page, and in-depth archived materials, http://friendsof heightslibrary.onefireplace.com is an active, go-to resource for both our members and the public.

Additional activities this year included:  The African-American Read-In, a member gathering at the WineSpot, and co-sponsoring a new resident welcome with Future Heights and Reaching Heights.  Members of the FRIENDS have also been actively supporting the library’s 2.2 mill levy which will be on the ballot in November. 

This year the FRIENDS gave 4,432 volunteer hours to support our 5 star Heights Libraries.  Thank You to all of our members, and all who volunteer.

Financial Report, 2013-14       Margaret Poutasse, Treasurer


Book Sales                                                       $ 27,705

Merchandise                                                          8,147

Events                                                                  1,074

Memberships                                                         5,550

Donations                                                              3,243

Investment Income                                                   443

Total Income                                                            $ 46,162



Book Sales                                                            3,663

Membership                                                           2,111

Merchandise                                                          1,759

Operations                                                             4,035

Total Expenses                                                         $ 11,568


Net Income                                                                  $ 34,594



2013-14 Grants to the Library

Director’s Discretionary Fund                         $  1,500

General Library Programming                            9,000

Special Library Programs                                   3,000

Scholarships                                                     1,500

Levy Promotion                                                 2,000

Spelling Bee Entrance Fee                                     500

Coventry Children’s Room Mural                         3,960

Total Grants                                              $  21,460


Louisa Oliver, President

FRIENDS are glad to support an award winning library system.
Visit http://www.heightslibrary.org/ for mind opening programming and fun!

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